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Stress Management

Stress is different for each of us and is often uncontrollable, so it is important to understand what our individual stressors are and how we can cope with stress.
Karratha Central Healthcare Stress Management
Karratha Central Healthcare Stress Management
Karratha Central Healthcare Stress Management

What is stress?

  • Stress is our body’s response to the demand that is placed on it.
  • Stress is unique to every individual.
  • Stress can be protective and allow for productivity.
  • Prolonged stress can be harmful.

Stressors in our lives can come from work, family, and time or financial pressure.

How we respond to stress:

When we are in times of stress our bodies nerve and hormonal messengers will trigger a response, this response is usually identified as a Fight, Flight, Freeze or Fawn response.

  • Fight: Fight for safety.
  • Flight: Flee the situation.
  • Freeze: Shut down, dissociate.
  • Fawn: Repress own feelings to smooth situation over.

A good way to look at how our stress responses affect us is with the Window of Tolerance.

Window of Tolerance

How do we cope with stress?


  • To rebalance itself the body needs some time when it is not on high alert, we can do this with activities that are just for us, allows us to recover and brings joy or satisfaction.
  • Finding a balance with nutrition can also help us regulate emotions, a good diet gives us energy and helps our brain to function.
  • Exercise helps reduce cortisol and adrenaline in our body, it also promotes the production of endorphins which help relieve pain and stress. Walking is often the best form of exercise for regulating hormones and helping sort our thoughts.
  • Lastly feeling connected to others is a power contributor to good mental health, always seek support and connection if you are feeling stressed or overwhelmed.